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Sir Hector McDonald Monument, Fremantle

Several years ago the Heritage department at Fremantle Council  approached Zen Ironwork with a restoration project.

The job was the ironwork for the Sir Hector McDonald ‘Fighting Mac’ monument, in Fremantle Esplanade Reserve.

The monument includes drinking fountains and is a favoured watering spot in the Esplanade (other than Little Creatures).

The project was to restore the drinking fountains and basins, replace a large plaque dedication from images, and to re-imagine and reproduce the ironwork mounting the crest of the monument.

The top ironwork was long since lost, and the only record was a very grainy image from the early 1900’s.

In a classic nod to Freo’s individuality, Major General Sir Hector McDonald seems to have never visited, had relatives, or had anything to do with Fremantle or the region.

It’s not understood why a monument was erected and paid for by the City to celebrate an apparent stranger to the City of Fremantle, but it is one of the many charms and stories of the City, we at Zen Ironwork will always love!

Hector McDonald Monument Fremantle

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