Brad has been a sculptor and public artist for many years. His works have being acquired into some enviable sculptural collections throughout the country.

He has exhibited with Sculpture by the Sea, Swell Sculpture Festival and Melville Sculpture Exhibition, and had many private commissions across the country.

Sculpture and Public Art is a natural extension of the ironwork design process. It’s borne with a desire to create beauty, while working with underlying inspiration.

Sculptural works are incredibly varied, which is a testament to the responsive nature of the practice.

A solid practical arts background, backed with enviable trade skills allows a complete response and development of concepts, essentially a freedom of creation!

Both sculptural works and ironwork design are site responsive. It’s a natural development from sketching ideas, through to refining and finally the developed design.

Zen Ironwork sculptural works form a balanced, harmonious extension to any surrounding and aims to enhance, not dominate the setting.

Clients have included Rio Tinto, Canberra International Airport, Duxton Hotel, Building Management Works, Fremantle Hospital, Long Point Vineyard, Karratha City Council, and several renowned sculptural collectors.