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Gold Coast Aquisition of ‘Nailing The Coast’

Last night was opening night of the Swell Sculpture Festival 2012, and also its 10th anniversary.

After careful consideration by a selection board, the Gold Coast City Council has aquired ‘Nailing The Coast’ to feature as a permanent artwork in a public space.

This is an exceptional honour and I am quite humbled by the aquisition, as the calibre of artworks this year was again very high.

This morning I was interviewed by ABC Radio regarding the aquisition and the festival.

Not only is it a privelidge and honour to exhibit at such a well respected event, but to be aquired was exceptional.
Thankyou to all that were involved, and supported the construction and installation of ‘Nailing The Coast’.

As usual, there was extensive media coverage following the event. Below is a link to some NBN News footage.