At Zen Ironwork we specialise in fine architectural ironwork.

We work directly with architects, urban & interior designers, builders, councils and private clients throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and interstate.


Our position as the leader of forged and architectural ironwork in Brisbane stems from a one on one approach between us and the client. The ability to custom design directly with the client is why Zen Ironwork is at the forefront of the ironwork industry in Australia.
In a world of big business and mass production, there is truly no replacement for the client and tradesman working together to create something truly unique.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke ironwork for grand estates, municipal chambers and private homes.
We do this by using our expert skills and focusing on a few featured highlights within the design, while keeping the remainder simple. This allows advanced techniques and high end ironwork to be integrated into a simple gate or become the central focus of a railing, while ensuring the costs remain competitive with those less skilled.

wrought ironwork scroll detail
sketch and forged leaf detail