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Wanderer – Willinga Park

Large 'Wanderer'

Hampton rd Main Gate

Architectural Ironwork

Architectural Ironwork

WACA turnstiles reinstated at entrance gate

Original turnstiles operational and reinstated at the entrance to the WACA


Zen Ironwork offers a complete design, consultation and fabrication service to clients, including architects, builders, corporate and private clients.

  • Bespoke ironwork design
  • Direct client consultation
  • Domestic ironwork fitouts
  • Railings, fences and gates
  • Security grills
  • Furniture
  • Fireplace ironwear

The addition of the professional CAD package ‘Solidworks’, allows an expansion on the traditional metalworking techniques and ease of liaising on larger projects requiring detailed layouts.

About me

I am a career professional blacksmith with a passion for good design and balance.

In 2000 I studied blacksmithing as an apprentice at the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops and for the past 18 years have travelled Australia working on many incredible projects.

In 2011 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Research Fellowship and travelled through America, Italy and England working and studying with some of the best ‘smiths’ in their fields.

What I enjoy most is working with clients to design great ironwork and using my skills to their advantage to deliver incredible ironwork.

Modern architectural ironwork is the backbone of works, but heritage ironwork is my beloved. The history, stories and skills of passed ironwork gives such an incredible insight into our past.

I often work as a heritage ironwork consultant and restorer with various heritage bodies and heritage architectural firms.

Public art and sculpture also features in a passion, and I have exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea and Swell Sculpture, and have had many public art commissions.

Zen Ironwork was originally founded in Fremantle, W.A., but buying acreage just outside of Brisbane saw us leave our beloved Freo, and relocate onto a small farm where we have chickens, Bunya Pines and an incredible mountain view from the blacksmiths shop.

Wrought Iron

The current general term ‘wrought iron’ is misleading to the broader community.

‘Wrought iron’ is the original material a blacksmith would work prior to the broadscale use of steels, where the term Wrought means worked.

Wrought iron is made up of laminations of nearly pure iron and silicone, and was a laborious process to manufacture.

These days nearly all ironwork is made from steel, however is wrongly termed ‘wrought iron’.

Here at Zen Ironwork, we prefer the term forged iron instead of wrought iron, as we feel it is a better description of the hand made process we go through and helps distance ourselves from the machine made products that flood our industry.

Choosing a blacksmith

As a professional qualified blacksmith, I pride myself on the skills and techniques I have learned and the experience I have acquired over the past 18 years working throughout Australia and studying abroad.

The time, money and frustration of advancing skills to further expand on my professional skillset has been a source of joy and independence.

I understand it is difficult to differentiate between skilled professional blacksmiths, general fabricators and the wrought iron impersonators, so keep a few points in mind when deciding who to work with on your next project.

Are they qualified?

Currently there is only one blacksmith trade course in Australia at Ultimo, Sydney. Trade qualification offer the base level of skills, which every skilled blacksmith then expands on. (This should be the minimum requirement)

Where have they trained?

Travelling and working in multiple workshops, including overseas broadens the skillset and offers a broader ranging knowledge.

Can they demonstrate pieces of my project?

Most skilled blacksmiths are willing to demonstrate forging elements of your project, as it helps the client appreciate the work and skills involved, and highlights the difference between general fabricated ironwork and bespoke forged ironwork.

Have they studied and worked overseas?

Australia is relatively isolated as far as sharing skills and undertaking courses. International tuition and experience is essential for advancing a blacksmithing career and finding inspiration.

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